A Normal Week’s Stress Compressed

Last week… felt like a whole month.

Monday, the government shut down for the second half of the day (as compared to my normal work schedule). However, things did not go as expected. We were provided with one set of instructions on Friday. Pretty much, plan to be furloughed. So when everyone came in Monday morning, facilitators were asking for the new flight schedules and check out dates of students. In the span of about four hours, we got three more ever changing sets of instructions. Enough so, that apparently people got up and walked out of other seminars (11 total) from the frustration of it all. What it boiled down too is that the schoolhouse failed to tell us their intent (to get us to pass that week and mark us as accepted employees for the furlough period) so everyone had already mentally prepared themselves to be headed home on Monday because our congress kept bickering over things. So, when I came to class on Tuesday (after congress reached an agreement), I was not surprised when we were told that while they could get us done by Wednesday, they’d be keeping us until Friday as originally planned. read more