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A Normal Week’s Stress Compressed

Last week… felt like a whole month.

Monday, the government shut down for the second half of the day (as compared to my normal work schedule). However, things did not go as expected. We were provided with one set of instructions on Friday. Pretty much, plan to be furloughed. So when everyone came in Monday morning, facilitators were asking for the new flight schedules and check out dates of students. In the span of about four hours, we got three more ever changing sets of instructions. Enough so, that apparently people got up and walked out of other seminars (11 total) from the frustration of it all. What it boiled down too is that the schoolhouse failed to tell us their intent (to get us to pass that week and mark us as accepted employees for the furlough period) so everyone had already mentally prepared themselves to be headed home on Monday because our congress kept bickering over things. So, when I came to class on Tuesday (after congress reached an agreement), I was not surprised when we were told that while they could get us done by Wednesday, they’d be keeping us until Friday as originally planned.

Here’s the biggest problem, it’s the air plane change ticket fees. Especially if you have to fly outside the continental US. We had people from Germany, Italy, and Korea. Also two of us from Alaska. Usually, when there’s a change fee, there’s no guarantee that you’ll get reimbursed for it. The schoolhouse has already said that they will pay all fees now. I’m kind of dreading doing my travel paperwork on Monday too. I’m also gearing up for a lengthy discussion to make sure my time card gets approved since I do get paid for the four hours that the government was shut down since I was on the acceptance list. My supervisor was already confused about that when I was trying to explain the op-order that came out.

To add to this, remember when I talked about my new computer? Well, CyberPowerPC decided they didn’t want to send me the missing hard drive because they had documentation saying that it was there before it shipped. Despite me calling the very next business day and then sending multiple emails of pictures that said otherwise. Working with them has been a nightmare. I ended up filing complaints with two different sources and, because of what I’ve been learning in my current class about Personal Courage (add in honor, integrity, duty, etc), I did some research on the company and I sent an email to a CEO. I was really upset on Tuesday and, honestly, I had nothing to lose at that point. So, I took a page from my mom’s book (elevate the situation) and my future mother in law’s book (send a letter).

So Wednesday evening shows up and I get a phone call from a manager (who the little guys do not want to move you up too, when you ask for someone who can actually fix the problem). Got a whole spill on how they do their process and such. By the end of it, I asked point blank, where did the process breakdown? Basically, someone did the documentation on the computer, but then removed the hard drive afterwards and never replaced it before getting it on the conveyor belt for shipping. Add to this, whoever reviewed my file, failed to do a reality check and actually look at the file before stamping it with a deny. (This is not what he said to me on the phone because he couldn’t actually articulate an answer to me.) At the end of the conversation, the guy admitted that the CEO had forwarded my email to him that morning and had asked him to take care of me (the phone call started as an attempt to take care of the BBB complaint).

I’m now getting the hard drive, and while I’m glad that the situation has been fixed, I have absolutely no desire to do business with this company ever again. I’ll bite the bullet and go through somewhere else. After reading a lot of the negative reviews, I’m also loath to recycle my Frankenstein system in case something breaks down on the new system now (temporary backup components that I can make use of). I think what is a disappointment is that I had to file a complaint and then send an email to a person at the top of the food chain in an attempt to make him aware of how his customers were being treated. That’s just ridiculous.

And to end this really long entry, I’m now home. I was wide awake at 6 this morning too because of still being 3 hours ahead, so it’s been a rather productive morning. I have some inspiration though from class last week and I want to work on some my personal things and revamp some of my goals in general. It was interesting to be encouraged to think about things outside of how to advance your career. I’ll write more about this later though. (I promised I’d wake the fiance up at 8.)


  1. Wow, how stressful about the hard drive. Good that you have the guts to just not give it up (as I would probably have done).
    Your plans after the class sound interesting. I never managed to grasp what the class was about, since this has been a rather chaotic period for me and I haven’t been able to do any focused reading really (better now though). But – good luck!

    • K K

      It came today, and looks to be working appropriately. So now I don’t have to ever deal with them again! I think the thing that irked me was that I decided to pay extra for this system to get a not at the top of the line, but close enough so that it’ll last me for the next couple of years and give me an opportunity to upgrade it as I need too. Granted, I paid for 3 years of warranty which I will probably never follow through with now.

      On the class, I just realized, I never really said what the class was about. It was essentially how to be a more authentic leader and how leadership can be from the smallest person on the totem to the highest person in charge. They also spent a lot of time on how you could be the change in the organization (which I question because I do deal with a lot of toxic leadership). I did get some personal take away’s though that even if I can’t be the change, I can at least work on myself and help those at my level or those below my grade become better leaders.

  2. Man. Why do some things have to be so complicated? It sounds like a big mess with the classes. I hope that things will be resolved soon, so it’s not a major nightmare!

    Blah. What giant pain about the computer. The fact that you had to go through so much just to get a result is ridiculous. 🙁

    • K K

      I think had they been more transparent with us there would of been less confusion and less heartache over the whole situation. But, on the bright side, it’s over. You know until the congress decides that they don’t want to play ball again next friday 😀 American politics, yay!

      And same thought on the computer. When I started reading other people problems and saw they were similar to mine, I just started to feel so angry about it. It should not be that difficult to fix a problem. I realize, they are trying to protect themselves from people taken advantage of them by getting things sent extra, but I would predict 90% of the time, people are not trying to do that.

      Also, I just realized my maintenance mode was not working for the website. So I deeply apologize if you were commenting and the theme kept changing because I’m playing with a new one I picked up. *blushes*

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