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Ravellenic Winter Games

It’s been a long week of still trying to catch up with things for work (especially since I was gone for 3 weeks) and in between all of that, I’ve been eagerly awaiting the Ravellenic Winter Games. This occurs during the Winter Olympics and the goal is to complete as many projects as possible in the various categories that are puns after the actual events.

So between all of my report reading, I’ve been daydreaming on my projects. I know for sure that I will be finishing my Cozy Chic Cardigan. I’m also looking to do a cowl (maybe Stars Fell on Yellowstone) and I was thinking of doing some wall decor such as A Study in Neutrals.

It starts Friday, so if anything, I’ll start with the unfinished project first and then figure it out from there. Oh the choices! I also found a cute etsy store earlier this week. I’m really fascinated by how she did the hair on her dolls… so yes, I picked up this pattern to try out (probably after the games though). If there is anything brings me the most happiness in my life, it’s creating things out of yarn!


  1. The Ravellenic winter games really sounds like a fun project, especially since it’s something people can do while watching the Olympics! (I suppose that was the idea with it) I’m looking forward to seeing your projects when they’re ready.

    • K K

      That’s the exact idea behind it 😀

      Designers will actually come out with simplified designs so it’s easy to watch and make at the same time. I’m looking forward to sharing myself!

      I still have things from Christmas projects that I need to post D:

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