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December Crochet Crazy

This is a post that’s been a while in the making. It’s been taking me a bit to pull the photos from my camera and then sit down and actually look at posting them up. These were gifts that I gave to family and one was for a white elephant.

I made a unicorn for my sister.

Then I made a batman for my step father. (He’s a huge batman fan.)

And a christmas bear for my white elephant exchange at work this year. I can’t remember the links for the patterns though as it was a free pattern I found through a lot of google research. I love his butt with the the little bump for his tail. Also, pom-poms are fun to make.

I also had made a Daryl Dixon for my mother, but failed to get some pictures because I had run up against mailing deadlines for boxes. There is one more project I did for my fiance, but I’m going to save that for another post because I can totally get a picture of it to share.

One thing I will say, I’m going to try really hard not to let project plans pile back up again like that. I’ve already started the planning for this year’s gifts, including a few birthday presents. So it’s a matter of seeing if I can balance my time right to get those gifts done. As a side note, I did some light crochet work on a cowl for myself in January, but mostly gave the crochet a break. Traveling probably helped with that since you can only fit so much yarn in a suitcase.


  1. You would love my amigurumis that my mother give me for birthdays and Christmas. Today Yoda and Han Solo arrived in crocheted form (I have a nice crocheted Star wars collection by now). 🙂 I’ll have to take pictures of them later.

    • K K

      I would love to see that! I actually have a Yoda planned as one of my next projects as a birthday gift to my Dad. One of these days, I’ll actually make dolls for myself to keep instead of continuing to give them away D:

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