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Do or Do Not, There is No Try

My dad’s birthday was this week and at the beginning of the month, I decided to send a gift this year. I haven’t done that in a little while because I hardly have time for gifts and stress enough with Christmas. It’s not a really good excuse, but it’s what seems to happen with me (personal time management aside). So I decided to make and send him a Yoda.

It’s based off this etsy pattern with a few modifications by myself. The pattern was a little odd in spots because I think it may have translated wrong, but overall I was pleased with the final product. His eyes drove me nuts. I redid them three times before I was satisfied.

The FiancΓ© has requested a version of Yoda with his lightsaber. So, that’s in the the project queue. After a blanket and a poncho I’m currently working on. Yay!


  1. You made a Yoda! So cute! One of these days I’ll have to show you my mother’s Yoda..

  2. Amazing, that is! 😍😍😍😍😍

  3. OMG that is so cute! My best friend did her son – my god son’s room all in Star Wars before he was even born and my mom made her sheets, a comforter and a wall hanging from star wars material. He’s now almost 2 and he loves star wars as much as they do. I should try and make something like that for him!

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