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Crammed Pack and Busy

The end of May snuck up on me before I realized it. I spent it down in my fiance’s neck of the woods, meeting family, friends, and doing all of the sight seeing. So, I got in Thursday evening and then Friday we hit Universal Studios in Orlando. It was amazing. We explored two of their park areas (not the waterpark, but that’s on the next set of choices in future trips). We did King Kong, Jurassic Park, and spent a ton of time in the Wizarding World and Diagon Alley. Diagon Alley was probably my favorite.

I will say right here, I am not a Harry Potter fanatic. I did enjoy the stories and I did enjoy the movies. But I’m not in any way shape or form obsessed with the fandom of the area. However, I lovvveed Fantastic Beasts and knowing they are going to be expanding the world to include that part makes me want to go back there. Not to mention, you can get these wands and everywhere throughout the park, you follow these instructions with how to wave the wands on these little placards and you end up doing “magic tricks”. It was amusing to me to watch the kids run around waving these wands and unsuspecting people getting hit by raining water.

The next day we spent it at Megacon. I did not get pictures for here because I was too busy having fun people watching. We spent the time wandering through vendor stalls, hanging out in the cosplay area (I attempted a version of Jessica Jones and instantly regretted all the layers that come with that because compared to Alaska, Florida is sweltering). There were a few Star Wars exhibits, one being with customizable droids which was pretty neat. We also picked up a few collectors things, got a print signed by a favorite Magic the Gathering Artist. We skipped doing any of the convention boards or getting fancy signatures from celebrities (oiy, it was expensive!).

We did a lot of shopping outside of all of this too. And we were going to do Seaworld on Sunday, but ended up bailing on it because it did nothing but sheet rain in the morning. Spent time on Monday with meeting future extended family members, and also found a Bier Garden and had drinks with some of his old high school friends. Then wednesday we spent the day at the Kennedy Space Center (one of the highlights that I had been looking forward too on our trip).

We were able to do the outside things before it began to rain again and then we took the tour bus over to the Lunar Moon exhibit and got to see all the things concerning with going to the moon. We did that one, spent time at the mars exhibit and also at the Atlantis Exhibit. It’s kind of interesting how things have changed from when I was a kid for an educational exhibit. Like seeing everything be interactive was kind of fun (lots of touch screens). The rocket garden was probably one of my favorite spots. It was all old rockets that were never actually used, several of them converted from old military missiles.

Thursday found us heading back to the north, which I’m grateful for because it was 90 degrees F with humidity that day. We walked Cocoa Village before we left and I think I sweated through every clothing layer I was wearing. However, it was totally worth it because I found a wonderful little yarn shop with so much yarn, I could of just sat in there and stared at it all. At the airport, we found a place that served some local brew so I got to enjoy a milk stout by a company called Saltwater Sea Cow. We got in about 3 am our time and I’ve been recouping ever since.

On a side note, we decided not to board the dogs this trip. We asked the roommate to watch them. This was the first time we’ve ever left Tyr alone for longer than a day that wasn’t at the boarders. Surprisingly, not a lot got destroyed. Just one of my pillows that wasn’t that comfortable anyways. He’s now laying down passed out next to me. Both dogs and the cat have been glued to us all weekend long. (Before I left, Luna knew what was happening and refused to take treats from me as a result).

And now it’s June and definitely summer outside. I’ll write more later about some of the projects planned for the summer. I’m going to continue enjoying a relaxing Sunday afternoon before I head back to the grind on Monday.


  1. Oh I would love Diagon Alley and Wizarding World! But especially Diagon Alley!!! I love anything Harry Potter 🙂 And Fantastic Beasts as well. I didn’t know Universal Studios had a water park either. I read that it just opened a year ago. When I was there a few years ago we just did a few Disney Parks including Typhoon Lagoon which I loved. I love water parks! It sounds like you had a lot of fun! I loved Florida and the drive down from Nova Scotia all the way down to Florida. I fell in love with Florida when I was there and definitely want to go back. I would love to visit some of the theme parks and attractions and go to Cape Canaveral and the Kennedy Space Centre. Your pictures are great and just make me want to go more lol.

    • K K

      It’s definitely worth the time if you can swing it! Disney is on our list for the next go around too. Just have to save the money back up again lol

  2. Wow, Orlando is quite a trip from Alaska, isn’t it? It sounds like so much fun though! I’m surprised that they have a Diagon Alley there, but ok, Fantastic creatures! My husband claims we have seen that movie but I have no idea.

    • K K

      It was a full day flight there and a full day flight back. If it helps, harry potter has six movies, but I can’t speak to them specifically, but it was definitely neat to see the world brought to life. I didn’t mind the movies, but I was never into the hype when the books first came out. Fantastic Beasts felt more adult and more relative to me, so it’s definitely my preferred story arc now.

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