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Never a Chance to Rest

Things haven’t really slowed down for me since we got back from our little trip at the end of last month. So, I know I talked about not getting the supervisory position, but what I didn’t mention was that I’ve been job shifted (with choice, I wanted this). I get to learn about Air because I’m the new Air Quality Manager. But, in agreeing to do this, I’m dual hatting it until my position can be backfilled. So I’m still doing work on Superfund sites.

I’m super jazzed though. I know a lot about water and soil because that’s been my main concentration for the last several years. I’ve always had an interest in doing work in air, but never really an opportunity to do it. I love learning new things and having the opportunity to move to a media is just super exciting. With switching to air, I get to explore the world of energy and creating power to do things and just all that type of stuff. I could probably write a lot here about things, and maybe I will.. where we are at has some emission problems and in particular difficulties with pm2.5 and being classified as a nonattainment area.

Other things happening? Well, this dual hatting and everything happening has caused a ton of stress and I got to deal with acid reflux and super awesome heartburn. I’m on medication now and a restricted diet. I could kill for a soda and a tub of tomatoes right now. And thankfully, I’m doing better. I’ve never had this problem before, so it definitely caught me off guard. Life can be crazy, but maybe listen to your body every now and again right?

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