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A House to Ourselves (Also Umbreon)

So, life has been interesting. This week, I learned that I do not know how to handle the types of stress I’ve been handling. Or I mistakenly thought I had a handle on my stress, when in truth, I really don’t and it’s causing me some hesitation and making me wonder if I should seek some help to see if I can learn some better tools. I’m not, however, going to spend some time writing about it in this post.

I have a super happy post. Our roommate is finally figuring his life out and moving on! Not that I had much of a problem with him or anything, but we will, for the first time in nearly 3 years, have this house to ourselves. FINALLY. And we are planning on moving the house around, moving downstairs and buying matching furniture. I realized recently, that in my entire adult life, I have never had matching bedroom furniture. I was always told that it was a waste of money, we don’t have the money, etc etc. (Whew, the old life, where his toys mattered more than my sense of life satisfaction.) On the other hand, the fiance thinks its cute because I sometimes forget I have a freaking savings account with money in it. So if I want matching bedroom furniture, I can buy matching furniture. (We’re sharing costs, the burden is not all on me… and we actually picked something out that we both like, so bonus.)

So there’s those plans. We are doing a small farewell thing for the roomie tomorrow though. And the real reason for this post is to show off some pictures of his gift. 🙂

It’s Umbreon from Pokemon. I used this pattern here. With a minor alteration. I crocheted the yellow circles instead of using felt. The legs were a little odd to do so I have some tweaks I would make if I made him again, but I think he’ll be a good goodbye present. The roomie is the only one who has NEVER actually asked me to make something specific. I prefer to surprise people with handmade things and it drives me nuts to get asked to make something. I don’t mind it, but I’m less likely to actually get something made. (Especially if its not an interesting pattern to me…)

So, while we’ve been plotting the takeover of his soon to be vacated territory downstairs, I made him a parting gift. What’s a roommate for??

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  1. What great news that you’re going to have the house to yourselves! And that farewell gift is gorgeous. 🙂

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