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Rubber Duckies!

This has been a fairly productive weekend. We’ve been working on cleaning the rooms out from our house rearranging project (two trips to charity so far). We’re nearly done with downsizing things to more realistic methods. We also spent a lot of time outside on Saturday because this last week has been the Golden Days celebration, where it’s to celebrate Fairbanks growing another year older. We have never been able to make it down to the mini market or gotten a chance to see the rubber ducky race! The rubber ducky race is kind of like a lottery, where you can win prizes if you’re rubber ducky has the winning ticket number. Most of the money collected goes back into the community too. The ducks are dropped into the Chena at one bridge and are caught at the third bridge down the stream. This is all in the downtown area (there’s two driving bridges and a pedestrian bridge).

We didn’t win anything, but you know it was awesome to finally get to see the ducks race.

Other things we did? Pokemon hunting, yay! Also, I managed to get through my posts here from my previous loss of images. There were only 4 posts I had to move to draft because I’m on the wrong computer. That, to me, is a win.


  1. That looks so cute with all the rubber ducks! But I just can’t help thinking – how do you get them back since it’s in a river where you can’t really control the flows, and are there many ducks that get lost and end up as plastic/rubber waste?
    (Yes, anti-plastic person here!)

    • Nyghtlilly Nyghtlilly

      They are actually really good at keeping track of them. There were about three other boats behind the tide of rubber duckies (you can kind of see one off to the side in a picture above). They make sure they don’t get caught along the shore or if there’s any debris sitting high up in the river. At the finish bridge, a long boom is placed out in the water (you can kind of see that in the last photo). This stops the duckies from going any further and forces them to a gathering point. I believe they go through and count them too because they know just how many were released at the time of the race.

      Not to worry, we actually take a lot of pride in having a clean community and it’s pretty amazing at some of the lengths that Alaskan’s go to for taking responsibility for the environment in general. The downtown area when I lived here over ten years ago was not in such great condition until I came back recently. They’ve been doing a lot to clean things up and promote community to go with it.

      I really should probably write more about that because we often go to the community celebrations that go on in the summer. ūüėÄ

      • That’s great, and I’d definitely love to read more about what your town does to protect the environment. These things inspire me a lot.

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