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Paint Nite – Polar Bear in the Night?

I am making up the name of the painting because I cannot for the life of me remember it. We’ve talked off and on about participating in a paint nite, so I finally said, why not. The first step was getting tickets. Now we think we’d like to do this at least once a month, especially in the winter time when there is not a whole lot of other things we can do.

So the goal was to paint this:

The example was on the right, the painting on the left was the teacher taking us through the painting step by step. A few things we noticed immediately: I’m a messy painter. I kept getting paint everywhere, and the fiance was a very neat painter and really liked doing all the blending in the sky. I think we nailed it pretty good:

And we got to drink margaritas and eat mexican food at the same time to boot!

I think the thing that surprised me the most? Was how much the beau enjoyed painting. It’s a breath of fresh air to find someone who likes doing some of the same hobbies that I do and who leaps in full feet first.


  1. Well done! So this is some kind of organised event when people meet and paint together? Or more like a lesson?
    Anyway, how nice to do this kind of thing together as a couple.

    • Nyghtlilly Nyghtlilly

      I think its kind of both to be honest. You get to learn how to do the painting in a step by step process, but you’re also encouraged to do your own thing with the different techniques presented. (That’s why there’s a Raven on the partner’s painting.) And you also get to socialize with others. It was definitely a lot of fun 😀

  2. That sounds like such an awesome event to do. I think your results are so impressive!!

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