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Four Months? Oops!

Well, almost four months. I needed to unplug. I couldn’t necessarily unplug as much as I wanted too, but not feeling obligated to write and share things felt nice. Did a lot happen? Yep. And I’m not even sure where to start, or if its worth back tracking to explain things. There were weddings, life style change choices, learning about PM2.5, and recently jury duty selection experiences. In between all of that? I concentrated on life and enjoying life and those hobbies that didn’t necessarily need to be shared with others.

I’m back though, so or I’m going to try to be here. Not sure if anyone keeps checking in on me, but I will definitely look to make some rounds and see whose around. Here’s to a restart. 🙂


  1. It’s good to see you!!! (and for once that “follow by e-mail” worked, yay!) I’ve missed your posts but I’m glad to know that not writing was good for you. As you know I’m not writing either – mainly because of the bummer that happened when we were in Scotland – but I’ll be back soon with interesting news about Ireland and all that.
    Anyway, I thought you had stopped blogging forever, but then I saw your maintenance message and thought that maybe you would be back soon.
    I like your new theme by the way!

    • Nyghtlilly Nyghtlilly

      Ooo, I had no idea if that worked or not, so I’m pretty stoked that you’ve mentioned it working!

      It was sort of tempting to not come back, but when I think about the money I’ve spent on hosting, the domain name, etc, I couldn’t justify not coming back. Granted, I’ve come to the conclusion that a break is needed periodically. I almost wish that I could unplug completely so that it could feel like a full refresh.

      I think I may have missed what happened in scotland, but I’m looking forward to seeing what’s been up with the Ireland happenings <3

      • When we were in Scotland and had just left Scotland to go to a remote island with almost no internet, i started receiving e-mails that there was malware on my hosting account, and although the file was quarantined, the file kept coming back. i don’t know if the scanner was over sensitive or if it was real, but I’m very security aware and definitely wanted to fix it, but I was on an organised trip with a very tight schedule, plus no wifi at the hotel so there was no chance I could fix it, and the support didn’t help much. So in the end I deleted the site since I could sit down and look for the problem. I didn’t think of keeping the backup folder. 🙁
        After that I decided to let it be for a while since I wanted to somehow relaunch for the Ireland project anyway, so that’s where I am now.. I’m looking to perhaps change host too, although mine is quite good overall, I’d like to find one with more security features.

        I hope you’re happy with being back with the blog? I do agree about not quitting after having invested some money in hosting and all that.

        • Nyghtlilly Nyghtlilly

          Aw man, that sucks! All around! Hopefully, when you get everything rebuilt that you won’t have the malware continue to come back.

          I’m definitely happy to be back! I just need to actually sit and write. lol

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