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A Week For Myself

With how busy things have been between family and work the last four months, I haven’t taken much time for myself. Not from a vacation standpoint. So, I took this week off. It’s something I think is important to do. The last few times that I’ve had time off, it was for something that was happening, going on, or I was needed elsewhere. When I think about that and what little time I give to myself, it makes me feel a little depressed. It also surprises me when people think I’m crazy that I’m not going anywhere. You don’t have to go somewhere to be on vacation. (I’m also not interested in spending tons of money either.. I’m a secret homebody, come on.)

I have absolutely nothing planned, and I think that’s a beautiful thing.

I do have some topics I’m pondering to highlight those things that I have happened recently. Like, you can look forward to the following potential posts:

1. We adopted a kitten. We named her Willow.
2. My dad married his third wife and I went back to see family I hadn’t seen in over 8 years. (Anxiety.)
3. I’m now the Air Program manager and I can totally talk to you about why it’s important to burn wood cleanly (PM2.5 shenanigans).
4. Our roommate moved out and I took over one of the smaller bedroom downstairs as a work space that I’ve been slowly pulling together (A space to call my own!).
5. Vegetarian. (Me quasi, significant other lacto-ovo vegetarian.. which has been a fun adventure in cooking.)

So, you can tell I’ve been pretty busy during my absence. Now I just have to sit and get myself to draft things. 🙂

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