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Short Oregon Trip

In September, we took a short trip (exactly 3 days), to visit my father and his future wife. I haven’t seen him in about 8 years and was extremely nervous for the most part. I took the Fiance with me as a way to get him introduced to that part of the family. The trip went better than expected. Between visiting family, I took him around to some of my favorite childhood things and we explored a few adult things.

After pretty much flying all night and getting no sleep, we stopped at Voodoo Donuts in Portland. It was amazing.

When we finally made it to my father’s, we crashed for a bit after saying initial hellos and such. His house sits behind my Grandmother’s, which I spent a lot of time at as a kid. Grandma and Grandpa loved trying to identify birds in the yard and would sit for hours watching the wildlife visit in the backyard. The property used to be littered with fruit trees and other garden objects (still is, granted most of them have died from age). I didn’t really take too many pictures of the things outside, but I did try to catch a picture of one of the hummingbirds that was hanging out.

We also went down to Newport and hit the Rogue Brewery (no pictures, my bad). There was some tasty food and tasty beer. We didn’t have time to do the tour though, but maybe next time we go down. I’ve always loved Newport. It’s a seaside port and I have found memories of walking the boardwalk and watching the seals ask for fish from the incoming boats. We did hit the Oregon Coast Aquarium before we headed back. They take in sea life and rehabilitate them before releasing them back out to the ocean. This will always be a favorite place of mine.

The wedding itself was small and beautiful. They held it at Thompson’s Mill, which is a historical site that went through many different life phases (from milling flour and timber, to electrical power, to historical site). My father’s new wife seems like a sweet lady. They seem good together and I hope he and her have many more happy memories. I didn’t take any pictures at the wedding, but chose to enjoy myself and the company. After the ceremony and everything wrapped up, we had to skedaddle back to Portland to catch our flight. 

It may have been a short trip, but it was good to reconnect with people I hadn’t seen in many moons.

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