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Go for the Gold Scarf

With cold weather comes a desire for a lot of scarves and other neck covers. I made this particular one for myself. I chose to do more of a color block with it, so I made the lace portion a different color from the main body of the scarf. I’ve already gotten several compliments on this piece too.

I think one of my favorite parts of this pattern was doing a foundation crochet for the beginning row. I’ve never done that before and the one thing that I liked about that was how much looser my starting row turned out. Usually when its a row of chains, I have to up my hook size or the bottom ends up being tighter than the rest of the piece.

Here’s the pattern. This is also one going into my small collection of easy and quick to make gifts for future projects. I really do enjoy having a collection of go to patterns that would make perfect last minute gifts for people.

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