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Week 1 Check-In

I felt pretty good this week, even though I think my sleep schedule has been a wee bit off. My mind has been on the heavily active side, so I’m not always able to fall asleep and once asleep, I’m not always able to stay asleep. With the regular exercise though, I’m hoping I’ll balance back out. I took nearly two weeks off in December for the holidays and didn’t hold myself to a schedule, so I’m trying to break that cycle still and stay to something that keeps me regular. So, that’s what I’m doing on the weekends now. Its also helped with staving off the depression to help keep a schedule and something for me to focus on so I keep moving forward on things.
Overall, I ended up running on Tuesday, lifting weights on Thursday, and then ran this morning again. I was trying for an every other day schedule, but I’m thinking it’ll be easiest to set up a Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday schedule. I’m not trying to go gung-ho here and over do it to the point of burn out. I’m also trying to remember and recognize that working out 2 hours a day, six days a week, like I did several years ago is not sustainable in the long term and will, certainly, cause the burn out. On a side note, I decided to drop the yoga and concentrate on a small amount of things. Good things that happened to me last week?

  • I found tofu bacon… fake bacon that smelled like the real stuff. And it tasted okay too. Good-bye bacon induced dreams.
  • I found time to sit and read for a little while, and I felt productive in picking up little things around the house.

What are things that didn’t go so well, but I could do differently?

  • I caught myself being slightly overwhelmed at work. The old job I did reared its ugly head and I almost found myself wanting to shut down. We’ve hired new people into my old position and my old counterpart was out of town. So I was getting a lot of office visits.  I need to remember to take a few breaths and do my best to speak clearly when trying to explain something. Not always easy to do in my line of work.
  • Focusing at work has been rough. I’m not doing the most intellectually engaging job right now because its winter and a wee bit slow. I’m working on trying to make sure I concentrate on the important tasks (no matter how monotonous) by doing a weekly list of what I’d like to accomplish during the week. I’m going to try to keep going forward with that.

I like this format of weekly summarizing. I’m kind of borrowing it from the daily journaling they had us do at my leadership course last year. Only, this is more in a public forum, where I’m definitely opening myself up for critiquing. If anything, it was helpful in identifying where I was having difficulties and identifying triggers. Let’s hope I can keep up with it now then.

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