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Week 2 Check-In

Running has been feeling a lot easier this week. I actually want to run more than the program I’m following allows me. I’m trying to be smart about it though since I’m not necessarily as young as I feel and my body tends to be a lot more sore than usual. I made it successfully to the gym Tuesday and Thursday and skipped Saturday, but decided to stack workouts on Sunday.

I’m feeling really tired right now. So I’m thinking that’s a good sign that I’m going to pass out and sleep really good tonight. I’m definitely looking forward to that. Running felt good today, so I will probably be upping my speeds the next time I go to see if I can get just a little bit farther than last time.

What went well this week?

  • I was able to take care of a few things that I have needed to get done and I’m nearly done with my main project this month. I also figured out one of the databases I needed to take care of some of that project. Go me!
  • I actually got some praise on some brochures I had made up concerning fine particulate matter and that was after sending it to a few people to look at and having it forwarded to a different couple of other people, I didn’t know about. So that felt pretty good.

What didn’t go so well this week?

  • I think the biggest thing was sleep. So, how do I get better sleep? I probably need pay attention to my clock more. I think I’ll set an alarm and try that this week.

I really can’t think of anything else. It’s been kind of a mellow week to be honest, with little to no confrontation on things or stress. I prefer weeks like this. I hope this is a sign that this is going to be a pleasant year as a result.

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