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January Check-in, February Fever

Been a while? Head colds tend to do that to me when it comes to trying to keep a schedule. I opted to sleep instead of trying to stick to writing and posting said things. There hasn’t been a whole lot of concerns though and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the time off when I wasn’t wishing for a blissful sweet death because of the aches and pains of clogged sinuses and a lack of healthy sleep. So, what’s been good for me?

  1. I accomplished most of my January goals. With the exception of not finishing a book, I made it to the gym several times, finished one backlogged crochet project, and did a little bit extra by organizing a few things I’ve been meaning to for a while now.
  2. I finished one of my main projects for work and it’s now traversing through our review process to get a final approval signature. I think that stress relief is what caused my body to decided it was time to let my immune system get kicked around for a bit. Either that or going back to the gym, got me to exposed to something I hadn’t encountered before.
  3. I’ve been feeling a lot more like myself, despite the head cold. I’m not sure if its because of the cheery blue skies that I stare at longingly through my office window (while ignoring the white much below them on the ground) or I just, genuinely, feel happier of late. I think that’s a win in my book considering how this winter made me struggle a bit and I enjoy not feeling like small little slights are going to cause me to break and cry when I turn a corner.

So, has there been anything bad going on then? (head colds aside…)

  1. I’ve been feeling like procrastinating on those things that I need to do versus those things that I want to do. Its akin to whether or not I should buy something for the sake of needing it versus the sake of wanting it. I need to finish my taxes. I’d rather play Destiny 2 with a cool group of clan mates or test out the new beta play on Anthem. I’m not sure if this is a bad thing, but its something I need to be careful with so I make sure I have my priorities set appropriately to enjoy the things I would rather be doing. 
  2. I had been dealing with some anxiety and thoughts, with an overwhelming need to feel accepted by complete and utter strangers. This was more towards the beginning to 3/4 through January before I started feeling normal. Like, having a little voice in my head, wondering if I’m carrying on a conversation too far or if the person I’m interacting with is extremely bored with me and wishes I’d stop whatever it was that I was doing. It’s like an inner monologue that just kind of goes on replay and you start to fret about little tiny details that in the grand scheme of things, has little to no impact on the other person. 

With it being half way through February already, I thought I would end with some light goals to bring me up to March so I have a few things to write about come March (so to speak). I’m keeping it pretty light and can say, I may have already accomplished a few of the items listed between sleeping spells and cold drugs:

  • Finish one Crochet project, organize projects to complete this year from purchased patterns of last year.
  • Finish book from January.
  • Keep the gym habit going.
  • Make a pretty picture.

See, simple?

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