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Embrace Spring

I feel like when winter hits, all of my projects become extremely colorful, like I’m wishing for more than just a dull landscape of white, blue, brown, and grey. I stare at those colors often from my office window, wondering how I can spice up my view, be it plants on the windowsill or hanging a colorful curtain to cover the scene up completely. Don’t get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoy these colors together, especially if its in a variegated yarn with an interesting texture that creates a wonderful feeling fabric when stitched together. I just start to long for the pops of green and yellow, or the color of a bright blue versus an icy blue to break up my day.

What’s so amusing about all of this is I actually started this project in June of 2018 with the intention of having it done by September. Life got away from me, as it sometimes does, and I was only able to spare a few minutes at a time. The other funny thing is that I bought this yarn in Kansas at the beginning of last year, which was also trapped in its on version of a muddy, snowy winter time. The final name of the project came from comments I received while posting work in progress pictures. So when I embraced the love of that spring time feel, it felt natural to pair a pink yarn that I had leftovers from a cardigan project. Carefully, I wasn’t completely sure I was sold on using the pink until I had gotten part of the border mostly finished. I had been inclined to use a dark forest green initially, but am so glad I went with the brighter feeling color.

The pattern is the Cracked Glass Cowl by Voie de Vie.

Overall, I would rate this pattern at an intermediate level because you do have to be counting rows and being careful with how many loops are on the hook for the puff stitch.  The pattern is at least repetitive in the stitch, with increases at the beginning. The border was slightly tricky for me, but I think that may have been due to the cold medicine and head cold I was dealing with earlier this month (abbreviations kept blurring, merging, or moving on me). However, the diagram showing where the border went and such was helpful. I chose to go with a silver tarnished buttons at the top so that it could catch people’s eyes at a distance. I really like using findings in projects and feel I need to do that more. 


  1. Susanne Susanne

    It’s so pretty! You are really good at crocheting. If you ever decide to take orders… please let me know. You could make some money on this if you wanted to!
    I’m about to start my blog again soon… finally. I got lost after I had to shut everything down after some malware issues. But I’ve been preparing for some time now, we’ve set up a larger hosting account for our business, and I’m just waiting for the domain to propagate.

    • Kristina Kristina

      I feel terrible because I just realized that your comment has been sitting pending and I didn’t realize it! D:

      I think a shop is a future goal to sell made items. I have it in my head, but I think I’ve been scared to make the leap too.

      And yay, I look forward to checking out the new site!

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