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Review and Marching-On

As March starts, I’m thinking about spring, about warmth, colors, and things to do outside. We haven’t even quite gotten out of the cold spells yet and I can already feel cabin fever starting to creep into my bones. I want to throw the curtains open on all of the windows and crank the windows open to let in fresh air (not advisable when it’s still not getting above 30 degrees F). I want to sit in the sunshine and stare at clear blue skies, while listening to the birds that aren’t ravens flock back into the world. I think I’ve come to view the month of March as a renewal month, where I can clean things out and really concentrate on making positive changes and improvements to little things in my life. For most people, this occurs in January, but January here is full of quiet and dark deadliness. Its not an inspiring month beyond commercialized context.

So let’s review February, what went good?

1. I survived another head cold. While it knocked me out of commission for most of the month, I lived through it and can see another day. One good thinga bout this, is that I had my flu shot last year. There was an uptick in flu related cases and we believe I may have gotten a mild dose of it. Which means things could of gotten a lot worse for me had I not gotten the flu vaccine. There’s been a lot of debate in my facebook feed about vaccinations and I am proud to say that I support vaccines. I’m also a science person at my heart and some of the things that antivaxxers come up with makes my head hurt. People that question hard evidence based science, makes my head hurt even more.

2. I actually was able to accomplish several of my goals on my list and that makes me feel pretty good about myself. I finished a crochet project (Embrace Spring), was able to organize my projects in my ravelry library with actual set dates I’d like to accomplish them by (also cleaned up the queue because several didn’t exist any more), I also finished listening to a book “The Androids Dream” by John Scalzi … so while it wasn’t reading, I’m still counting it damn it. I was able to keep a gym habit going (as evidenced by my featured picture). I was doing a pulley workout with the sweetheart.

So, what went wrong?

1.  I had a few moments where I felt emotionally unbalanced and felt quick to anger for no actual reason. I think it may have been linked to forgetting to take my vitamins, especially when I was sick or my hormones were a bit off since I was doing more sleeping than anything. No feelings of SAD though, which I’m grateful for… The sweetheart did mention to me that I seemed a bit crankier than usual. It may be linked to the cabin fever though too.

2. Procrastination really feels like the biggest enemy this month. I felt like I kept putting things off and not making the effort to concentrate on it. This would turn into a full out cleaning spree or griping about domestic related chores (I seem to be the only one who does laundry… BUT if I voice and ask for help, I always get help with it.. so part of my crankiness shows up from number 1.. because I don’t always think I should have to ask for the help). I’m going to read this again in a few months and not even understand what it was I was trying to say.

So, to round out a few of March’s goals, I plan too:

  • Finish one Crochet project
  • Finish another book
  • Keep the gym habit going and attempt to go in the morning
  • Reorganizing the house (we’ve come to an agreement about office/personal space)
  • Come up with a better meal planning effort

What things are other people working on in March? Do you have the spring fever too?


  1. Regarding recurrent colds – this happened to me a lot in the past when I tried to exercise while having a near full time busy job, and I’ve realised that I didn’t let my body rest properly between workouts. Maybe that’s your problem too? I’ve always been bad at getting enough sleep and rest, which is especially important when you exercise. But of course it’s also a matter of being around people all the time, and the winter that makes people stay in crowds inside. This year I’ve managed to keep on exercising (although it’s jumped a bit since we came to Ireland, but I’ll get back to it this coming week) and haven’t been sick other than a smaller cold in late January. But there is the fact that I work from home..
    Anyway, I really like your method of setting goals for your life to maintain balance in different things you want to do. I now try to set up a weekly schedule for everything I want to do, both work and quality-of-life things that I previously didn’t take time to do. What I haven’t done though is to look back and see how I succeeded each week, what went wrong and why. I’ll need to do that!
    My new blog is now open, but only with one post so far. I hope to write more during the week (or possibly today). It has a new domain, since I want to use the other one for a personal branding kind of site that collects my links and is connected to my social media.
    March this year has been the best of my life! Our life in Ireland is so good.. with ups and downs of course, but that’s normal. We play in quite a few music sessions, so I’ve been working a lot on my music and singing, trying to learn some new songs and tunes. Sadly my tennis elbow and connected carpal tunnel/similar problems are on the rise again so doing the physio exercises for that is very important, otherwise I won’t be able to play stringed instruments.

    I would be ashamed to say I have spring fever writing to someone in Alaska, from Ireland where we’ve had green fields and plus degrees every day since we arrived (there was only one day some week ago when there actually was frost), we have little white flowers, daffodils, blooming furze and even roses here and there. But I do long to see some higher temperatures and leaves on the trees. The weather in March here is very unpredictable – frost mixed with storms, heavy rains and then all of a sudden beautiful sunshine! But I don’t mind – it’s like April in Sweden.

    • Kristina Kristina

      I think it might be a combination of not getting enough rest and also, from what I’ve read, being vegetarian can lower some of the immune system if you aren’t getting enough vitamins of certain things. It’s one of the reasons I’m trying to be better to remember to take them and vary the contents of the meals up so it’s not just… potatoes, potatoes… beans. I’ve been trying to do 3-4 days a week at the gym versus every day type of thing too. So the other part of rest is just making sure to get myself to bed at a decent time, which I’m guilty of not always being good at doing. =/

      I’m super glad you like the format! I’ve been doing this as a private journal after I had my leadership course last year. Granted, I’m more applying this to all of my life versus just experiences at work, but it was definitely nice to reflect on what happened and then try to come up with a way to better handle whatever wasn’t handled well.. (if that makes sense).

      And yeah, I’m jealous. We are getting more snow right now as I type this. I’m gonna go hide in a corner now and pout.

  2. I have really bad cabin fever this year. I can’t wait to be able to get outside and feel the sun on my face and back. It’s still hovering around or below zero here so it’s rough. I so badly want to throw all the windows open too but we can’t find the screens and have a cat so not a good combo lol.

    Recurring colds and flu suck. I have been rather healthy all winter this winter for the first time in years and then 3 weeks ago I got the flu that my doctor thought might be H1N1. I have never been so sick! I had my flu shot too. I am still recovering so I feel for you. I know how much it sucks being sick.

    Congrats on accomplishing several of your goals! It’s always good to set out some small obtainable goals along with 1 or 2 harder ones I find. Things I need to push myself for but that are not impossible. I’d love to learn how to crochet, tried knitting but it turned out pretty disastrous, to say the least. Unless it’s a dishcloth or scarf. Reading is always a good goal! I started out okay and read like 8 books since Jan 1st but I haven’t read in a few weeks. I had such a headache with the flu I just couldn’t concentrate.

    • Kristina Kristina

      I’ve tried picking up knitting so many times, but I always find myself coming back to crochet. Although, I’ve been trying to add new crochet techniques, so that’s like branching out, right?

      You have definitely read more books than me. I think part of the reason I’ve been trying to set goals is to help me do those things I love when I feel like I’m starting to lose interest in a hobby I usually adore. I don’t read as much as I use to as a kid when I would devour two or three books a week. I’m lucky if I can get a book done a month. I find myself suddenly disappointed thinking about that lol (and now I’m going to go read before I fall asleep!)

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