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Here Be Dragon… Scales

I got a request back in December for making a dragon scale half glove. I do not always entertain requests unless it looks intriguing and unique. This caught my attention because they were kind of pretty and it was something I could make use of and it didn’t seem like a terribly complicated design that I would take forever to create.

The concept of the glove itself is simple enough, pretty much a long cylinder shape with different stitches to comprise of the hand looking like its encased in scales (created doing a crocodile stitch) with a solid bottom part of some sort that goes up the forearm. I slightly regret not trying to determine how to make these myself because I instead turned to looking at a pattern for one. I was pretty much met with a lot of disappointment. Particularly, the first pattern I picked up (which is no longer available for sale) was a horrifying pattern. It was horribly written and should not even exist as a sold pattern. There is universal language for crochet and for knitting. This pattern was not written in that format. It was literally a badly translated how to (I make 6 chains, I place a hook in a chain and pull up twice to create the stitch… etc).

The second pattern I looked at wasn’t nearly written as badly, but wasn’t quite what I wanted to make either. They have you do the base first and then you split your yarn to form the hand/palm part. I personally didn’t want to split my yarn and felt I could make a glove as one continuous piece. What I did like about the pattern was the creativity in the base and the finishing touch at the bottom as it’s pretty much a picot stitch that adds decorative interest. It still wasn’t necessarily the effect I was going for though. This led me to doing some more digging and I stumbled across this free pattern.

Wish I had started that search first instead of jumping into etsy to begin with.. life lesson learned. I think in my excitement I was like I always have good luck with online purchased patterns, lets do that!

I made a few tweaks to the free pattern because I wanted to make sure it fit hands better. I have narrow wrists, so when I switched from the hand and palm, I went down a hook size and I also removed the chain between the set of 3 double crochets to bring the circumference in more. This seemed effective and matched my forearm circumference nicely once I reached the end of the arm. The woven fabric is also very stretchy. I made the lilac pair for myself and am giving away the second colorful pair to my mother and the grey one to a friend down south (the original requester). I’m debating on making more to sell as these seem to go for about 50 bucks a pop on etsy (I don’t think I would charge that much). It’s a nice pattern though for using leftover yarn and one skein (about 270 yards or a 100 grams) is enough to do a set. 

And they are kind of fun to hold coffee with.


  1. These are really cool!! I definitely think you should sell some of your stuff at Etsy. They look great.

    • Kristina Kristina

      I’m considering it.. this is a pattern I can sell the finished product from, I just need to make a stash I guess? lol

  2. I love the gloves! They look so comfortable and soft but you could still use a phone lol. I really wish I could crochet but I have never even really tried. I need to get myself some supplies and see if I can teach myself. My mom is learning and doing pretty good. She tought me a long time ago to knit. My mom knits and sells her stuff on etsy and ebay. She just stock piles it, she has piles and piles of baby stuff she has knitted. You could do the same. She also does special orders. She just gives them a price and timeframe and she makes it. Like she said if they end up not wanting it later after it is done she can just sell it to someone else down the road so it doesn’t matter.

    • This is definitely the method I’m thinking about approaching with it. I guess part of me get nervous that someone would get a final product and then hate it.

      I’ve never had the patience for knitting. I keep trying, but then give up and toss the needles to the side. I just lack the coordination needed for it >_<

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