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Earth Day 2019

Are you familiar with Earth Day?

Earth day is celebrated on April 22 and was originally founded in 1970 in the United States. Worldwide, it is usually recognized during the vernal equinox. In the United States, it was promoted through grassroots organizations and was used as a way to promote environmental awareness among communities when it first started.  Today, its recognized globally and sometimes the entire week is used to celebrate Earth Day. At work, we do an educational outreach with a vendor event for the local schools. Ours was scheduled the week before on the 18th, so I got to talk to a lot of kids about Air Quality and Air Pollution, which is not the easiest thing to do because trying to figure out a kid friendly activity that doesn’t require lighting fires to demonstrate an air concept… is kind of frowned upon (sadly… I’ve also convinced my immediate supervisor that he has to be worried if he ever sees me walking around with a matchbox). This is my only second time helping with the event. My first time was during my first year of hire and I got to talk to the kids about stormwater, which used a pretty awesome model with water filled spray bottles.

Why is Earth Day so important? It gives people a platform to voice their concerns and to raise awareness about taking care of the world we live in today. Earth day is a means to highlight a better way to do things, to educate those who aren’t aware of their tiny, yet important, impacts they have on the environment around them. It’s a great way to advocate for something you support whole heartedly and to highlight a community’s initiatives, whether it’s recycling, reducing your carbon footprint, or realizing that maybe you could have walked a block instead of driving a car ten feet down a street.

So, what am I doing as an individual inspired by earth day? I have a couple of ideas that I’m going to bring to fruition in the next few weeks (or within the next 6 months).

  • We have bikes that need to be assembled, so my plan is to get these assembled so we can start biking to nearby places instead of driving.
  • Get the garage cleaned up and get my recycling collection started. It’s been a long time goal to see about getting this started and I think its time to see it realized. 
  • I have starter plants to grow so that I can have a garden again this year and was planning on building planters from repurposed wood.
  • Remember to bring my reusable bags for groceries. I’ve been better about doing this, but still have the memory of a fish where I think about it and then walk right out the door without them.
  • Upgrading our thermostat to have better control over our heating system. We’ve got an ancient slide temperature gauge and I’d like to install a digital based one to improve our energy consumption.

Here are some references or for your further reading pleasure:

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Do you have any goals for Earth Day? Or are you inspired to change one habit for a better earth?

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