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Cloudy Skies

I was given this pattern as a gift from Voie de Vie many moons ago, but I never actually stopped to try and make the pattern. I thought it was pretty, but at the time, I think motifs scared me. Obviously, I’ve come a long way from then and have been particularly aggressive when it comes to sharpening my crochet skills, so when I was flipping through patterns to make and try to use up more of my left over yarns, I decided this would be next. It worked up surprisingly quickly and if I hadn’t been splitting up my time for multiple things, I probably could complete this in a solid afternoon (note this would be without blocking the piece afterwards). 

I don’t have a lot in the way of blue items, so this will be a nice addition to my stack of things I keep making and its definitely a departure from my usual wild colorful choices. It works perfect though for a quick going out to the store neck wrap. I may pick up a few more patterns by this designer because of how simple this one turned out. I’m always for a simple design that looks fancy and elegant.

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