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Studio Office Space

We have a small room downstairs that could be classified as either an office or a sitting room. It doesn’t have a closet or anything in it and we were using it as an extra guest room for the longest time. I was sharing office space with the honey, but not spending a whole lot of time in the area because he was usually doing homework. I usually tried not to be in the same space so he could concentrate on his stuff.

So we made the decision that I should take the small office space. I’m still working on cleaning things up or arranging things and it is a pretty small space, so its a fun challenge to see how I can best use it. I still have items down in the root cellar though, so some of that might end up staying down there for this point in time.

It’s definitely nice to have my own space. Nights when I can’t sleep, I’ve been able to retreat here instead of having to go to the living room. It’s given me a place to call my own and make it my own. In reflection, I feel like it’s more my home than it was when we first moved into here and its especially nice to actually see those things that I have so I can use up those items for my little projects.

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