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Happy Birthday, America

For those of us in the states, I hope people have a safe and relaxing July 4th. We are pretty much hanging out at the house today and might go out to the movies later, depending on how things go today since it is still like mid-morning here. The last few months have been busy with little things coming and going to occupy myself and keep me distracted. I actually haven’t been spending a lot of time on a computer, which can be kind of nice.

I think I got partially burned out.

Life is pretty good though. We’ve been working on wedding planning, doing house projects, and when not outside with the puppies, hiding from some hellish days filled with wildfire smoke. This particular summer is shaping up badly for fire season. They had to evacuate the northwest side of town and there’s a fireworks and burn ban in place. We desperately need rain, but haven’t really gotten any except for the occasional 10 minute dump, and by occasional, I mean extremely rare. Most of the fires around us have been caused by lighting strikes. Our actual rainy season won’t start for at least another month and that’s dependent on if the climate does it’s usual pattern. I’m expecting us to get boxed in with smoke again in the near future.

Climate change is real and I won’t let anyone try to tell me its not.

I have a five day this weekend, so I’m hoping to get out and do some hiking (smoke pending) and take care of cleaning out some of our closets that I’ve been meaning to do for a bit now. I’ve switched my work schedule around, so I’m hoping it’ll help me feel more productive in some way? So I’ll be getting up a bit earlier and leaving the office a earlier too. I was working a late schedule so it always felt exhausting by the time I got home in the evening that I didn’t really get an evening (if that makes sense).

Anyways, I wanted to put a note out that I do exist and that I haven’t abandoned anything.

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  1. It’s good to see you post again. I really need to do the same! 🙂
    How scary about fires so close to you. We had some very nasty forest fires in Sweden last summer, most up north, one in the region where I grew up. It’s very obvious how that very hot and dry weather isn’t suitable for the Swedish nature that is full of “fuel” – trees and vegetation everywhere. Alaska is the same, I guess.

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