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Where is Summer?

I’m not sure what it is about summer, but things just seem to slip on me (and it’ll probably slip again come October/November). I was doing pretty well though about posting regularly up until May. So I’ll take that as a win in my book and pick things back up a bit. A lot’s been happening. Some of which I can’t really talk about here, but I can sum it up in a few short words: future career moves, wedding planning, re-exploring old hobbies.

The wedding planning has been interesting. We kind of have a theme since we are mostly doing this for family that’s never lived in the wilds of the 49th State, so yes Alaskan themed is on the menu. We’re visiting venues and hopefully will have an official day nailed down. I’m still dithering about my dress and his clothing. We’re using “flannel” as the inspiration, but my dress will probably lean more towards a tartan inspirational piece because I really don’t have the desire to embrace full redneck decorum. It’ll also be nontraditional (white won’t be the main color). I think what I’ve had the most fun with is looking for decorative cake toppers. If you could pick, bears or moose, what would you choose?

And speaking of weddings, I had a tragedy happen. I take my ring(s) off before I go to lift weights because it can be uncomfortable to hold weight with a medal band digging into your finger. Babe went to retrieve my ring from the glove box, I hit a bump in the parking lot, ring is now stuck under the carpet (we think) underneath the passenger seat of the car. Yeah. I’m a little upset with myself. The car is headed in on Wednesday to get the seat taken out and the carpet pulled up to retrieve my ring. If my ring isn’t there, this means it slid further under the carpet than expected (?!) and I may be buying a new ring. Russell is surprisingly not mad at me about this. I’m mad at me though because I helped pick this ring out and it wasn’t exactly cheap. I will be really super upset if it still can’t be retrieved after they pull the seat out and the carpet up. They were trying to help me fish it out earlier. It is no where else in the car either, so it’s the only logical place it could have gone (to many hidden nooks and crannies underneath the seat).¬†(Update: They were able to retrieve my ring and only had to partially disconnect the seat. It slid just under one of the plastic covers that had to be removed during the seat disassembly process. I am so relieved.)

I’ve found myself really good at stopping in my evernote notebook and writing entries, but I’ve been terrible in getting them translated to the actual wordpress site. This is me, trying to predraft things in hopes of posting them a few days later. That was how I was doing things earlier this year. It helped me to draft things out, review my draft, and then copy and paste it over. It is a bit on the tedious side, but when I don’t have access to my website, it gives me a place to save a backup draft of everything I’ve been working on, which also equals peace of mind. So, with that said, I’m going to try to be better at getting things posted and up, also, don’t be surprised if you see back dated entries (haha, I drafted this¬†4 weeks ago, but won’t be back dating it).


  1. I’m so glad you’re getting married! And an Alaskan themed wedding, that’s super cool. I would totally pick a bear for the cake! Bears are so much more interesting than moose (but that may be because I’m Swedish and the big thing with moose/elks may be a bit worn out for me).
    I’m glad you found your ring!!!!!

    • Kristina Kristina

      It’s moose and bears here, they are pretty much every where. We’re planning to embrace the full Alaskan theme, and those two seem to be the most common.. so in researching I was finding some really cute ones for both.. maybe I’ll just get both lol

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