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Sherbet Baby

I almost feel like the one girl in the group whose never having babies, while everyone around her drank some kind of Kool-Aid, which has caused me to make a bajillion blankets plus toys. There has to be a stopper for the nozzle letting the Kool-Aid out, right? Joking aside, here’s my latest baby blanket. I nicknamed it Sherbet Baby because the colors remind me of sherbet ice cream. The sweetheart helped me pick it up and it should be on its way to its new home shortly. 

I worked a majority of the pattern on my lunch break, winging a good portion of it. Small blankets really don’t take me a long time to do anymore, and it’s a handy way to use up yarn laying around. The one thing I did realize the other day though was that I haven’t made myself or the sweetheart a blanket in a while… they’ve all been gifts. So, I’m thinking about making us a wedding themed blanket that I can use on our bed. (He actually helps me make the bed, so it would actually get laid out and not just crumpled in a pile… unless our youngest puppy gets a hold of it, he has a habit of nesting with our blankets.)

In searching for the next blanket, I ran across three. There’s the traditional wedding rings blanket (usually quilted) that’s been interpreted for crochet: wedding rings blanket. There’s this really cute one that’s made with hearts that I’ve had a few friends share to my facebook page (it makes me giggle how often I get crochet patterns from friends because they see something and think of me) called with all my heart. And then? I stumbled across this beautiful freestyle mess that makes my heart sing with the organized chaos it displays, the Temair Throw. Will any of these be in my future? Maybe! Stay tuned? Most definitely. 

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