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October Hopes and Dreams

It’s the second week of October. I’ve already poured myself a coffee brewed with pumpkin spice and there’s that smell of fall in the air. Of course, ours has started off cold and rainy with a forecast that just keeps hinting and teasing snow. It’s one of those times, where I kind of wish it would just do the snow dump and be done so we can get into winter. It’d make life so much easier to handle and deal with, especially in preparing myself for the dark and the cold.

Hot drinks help with that obviously.

So what went well in September?

I got a few things done that I’ve been meaning to finish, projects and planning projects. I dragged myself to a doctor and I’m on an antidepressant now with mixed results. Moods better, house is like super cleaner, but I periodically have bad insomnia on the pill. Like I’m more hyper aware of my feelings so they keep me up at night? I’ve also been talking to a nutritional therapist, trying to get a better grasp on my diet and eating habits. That’s been helpful.

So what went bad in September?

The insomnia and not being able to sleep. It really eats away at you after a while. The meds I’m on though have cleared my head up and its like my brain could process and think. It has/was a little overwhelming at first. I didn’t realize how much of a cloud I was stumbling around in. Last winter my SAD was bad. So terribly bad. I’m hoping this winter will go much better than last. I really have no desire to experience the overwhelming wave of nothingness that absorbed me last year and the pain I had trying to drag myself out of bed to function like a normal adult. 

What’s the big plans for October?


My goal is to finish selecting the venue (I think we’ve got the one finally), have a date, make invites. Goal is to send invites out by December/January.  I think I’m going to sit and map out the rest of the things that need to be done because the sweetheart is utterly and completely lost and needs a list.

Holiday Projects is the next thing on my list. December is coming faster than I’m probably expecting and I’ll really need to get myself in gear on things. I’ll probably write more about that later.

And with that, I’m leaving this at just the two items. Two things is easier to concentrate on that four things, that’s for sure!

*Just a side note, I’m having some issues with wordpress. If things look wonky, don’t panic, I’m working behind the scenes.*

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