Quiet Weekend

Beyond taking care of the normal everyday things, we haven’t done a whole lot this weekend. I’ve been updating programs and working on a few things to spare. We haven’t had a day of just sitting around with no obligations or getting distracted with being out of the house. The puppies are even being lazy today and not continuing to fight over toys/bones (Luna does not share and will horde all of them between her paws from Tyr). read more

If You Only Knew

Yes, I finished my first image for the year (technically my second, I’m not actually satsified with the actual ‘first image’ that I’ve made).

And yes, I used it as the header image for the theme. Decided to make Twenty Sixteen work for me this year. I long for a traditional blog look I guess, and managed to pull it off a bit after finding some cheat codes to remove some of the (imho) uglier design elements. I keep mocking up things in photoshop, but I just lack the skills to rip it apart and put it into code anymore. Maybe more of a lack the patience. I was reading an article about the progression of the default wordpress themes. The first theme’s CSS file had approximately 150 lines of code. Today’s CSS file? Has nearly 3,000 lines of code or more. It’s kind of an eye opener how much more complicated web design has become. read more

Let’s Not Test Me, Yes?

Let’s Not Test Me, Yes?


So rusty. I’m not really that satisfied with this image, so it probably will only appear here. I love my laptop, I do, but it just does not have the power that my desktop holds. Which, hopefully in the next week or so, I’ll be able to set that up once I find my cords. Which are buried in a box in storage. In a box I haven’t discovered yet (ha!). read more

30 Paintings in 30 Days

Technically, the idea behind this project was to post a couple of paintings every couple of days. Me, I’m a bit of a procrastinator. I also fell a bit behind, but finished up yesterday with exactly 31 paintings (one for each day of the month). The other thing was that typically this is done with traditional painting. With canvas. And paints with real brushes. I’m still in transition with homes and the idea of storing 30 canvases sort of scared me. So I decided I would do all of these as digital paintings. read more