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Category: Fiber Love

Sherbet Baby

I almost feel like the one girl in the group whose never having babies, while everyone around her drank some kind of Kool-Aid, which has caused me to make a bajillion blankets plus toys. There has to be a stopper for the nozzle letting the Kool-Aid out, right? Joking aside, here’s my┬álatest┬ábaby blanket. I nicknamed it Sherbet Baby because the colors remind me of sherbet ice cream. The sweetheart helped me pick it up and…

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Summer Sunshine

This was my finished project from the April CAL (crochet-along). The pattern is actually The Blues Have it Cowl. I decided to do a more rainbow, summer approach with it using random bits of yarn I’ve had leftover from other projects. Its a little warm to wear in the summer though, but it’ll be the perfect addition to my winter wardrobe. We were on our way out to a fancy dinner, so grabbed pictures before…


Cloudy Skies

I was given this pattern as a gift from Voie de Vie many moons ago, but I never actually stopped to try and make the pattern. I thought it was pretty, but at the time, I think motifs scared me. Obviously, I’ve come a long way from then and have been particularly aggressive when it comes to sharpening my crochet skills, so when I was flipping through patterns to make and try to use up…

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Here Be Dragon… Scales

I got a request back in December for making a dragon scale half glove. I do not always entertain requests unless it looks intriguing and unique. This caught my attention because they were kind of pretty and it was something I could make use of and it didn’t seem like a terribly complicated design that I would take forever to create. The concept of the glove itself is simple enough, pretty much a long cylinder…