We’re getting another front of snow that’s looking to be at least another foot altogether. My phone will not stop buzzing with warnings about roads. I wish it was lighter outside though, Tyr absolutely adores the snow and could probably play nonstop in it.

The funny thing about living so far north is that the snow is light and fluffy. It’s not heavy and wet, like in the moisture climates down south. Tyr likes to see how high he can make it poof. He literally runs at it, like it’s a pile of leaves, and he throws his front paws at the pile to watch it billow up in a cloud of white. I’ve never had the privilege to know a pet (besides maybe a cat) with so much curiosity.

These last few weeks have been extremely busy. I’ve also rearranged my work schedule so that we can get the pups to daycare more than one day a week (and also so I can work out first thing in the morning). I’m feeling tired and a wee bit stressed from my work load, but not to the point of hating my life (I’ve gotten to that point before, not fun). There’s just a lot going on and I seem to still be finding something new to learn every other week.

In between everything, I’ve got about four crochet projects going. Two sweaters (one is an a-long) and then two more AT-ATs that were requests. But, you know, I had to do mine first:

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And yes, she’s pink and purple with a bow on her head. Because I’m creative. *winks* And speaking of light, if I can get some better light, I’ll probably get some better pictures of her. When the other two, normal gray ones, are completed, I’m hoping to take a picture with all three before they go to their forever homes.

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