I’m going to see if I can actually make this happen this time around. I’m still feeling like I’m in a funk, but I don’t feel like grey clouds are hanging over me either, so I’m taking it as a positive sign. So just a few goals:

1. Blog twice a week.
2. Work out three times a week.
3. Make two pieces of digital art.
4. Sew two projects.
5. Work on some crochet gifts.

Because this month has been a high stress month for me, I also wanted to write five positive reminders for myself to keep in mind for August:

1. Don’t panic when things appear to be falling apart.
2. The world isn’t perfect, so you don’t need to be either.
3. Smile, always smile.
4. Love with no agenda.
5. Try to be forgiving.

I’m learning about anxiety and how to handle it. Little things have gotten me worked up immediately when there really isn’t a rhyme or reason to be worked up about it. I’m hoping doing this type of writing will help me focus better. Also, I’ve been abusing Evernote to high heaven. They have a notebooks feature I’m in love with and I can access it anywhere and on anything. Traveling notebooks without the paper and pens? Yes please!

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