A Dreaming Bucklist


Crochet for charity
Issue a crochet pattern
Visit a crafting convention
Learn to Knit
Learn to Tat
Learn to lace make
Learn to sew clothing
Start a successful craft business
Fly a Kite as an Adult
Learn to cook Indian
Learn to cook Thai
Learn to cook Pho
Learn to cook Greek
Start an actual garden that I get to use before something yanks me from it =/


Reach a Healthy Weight
Run a 10 minute mile flat
Run a 30 minute 5K
Run a 9 minute mile flat
Run a 5k in every U.S. State
Run a race in a foreign country
Learn Yoga
Learn Kick Boxing
Learn to Sail
Learn to Ski
Learn to Surf
Run a 5k
Run a 10k

Run a half-marathon
Run a marathon
Try a triathlon

Travel Related

Go on a Cruise
Go to Disney World
Visit Europe
Visit Africa
Visit Russia
See the Great Wall of China


Start a side business
Volunteer at anything

Art Related

Photograph the ocean
Photograph birds
Photograph butterflies

Finish an art journal
Finish writing a novel
Publish a novel
Finish a 3D Model
Finish a 3D texture set
Write a Children's Story with Illustrations