Dream List

Bucket/Project List

(a life time of things I wish to accomplish, a work in progress that’s continuously updated)
A strike through indicates I’ve done this.


Crochet for charity.
Issue a crochet pattern.
Visit a crafting convention.
Learn to Knit.
Learn to Tat.
Learn to lace make.
Learn to sew clothing.
Start a successful craft business.
Fly a Kite as an Adult
Learn to cook Indian
Learn to cook Thai
Learn to cook Pho
Learn to cook Greek
Start an actual garden that I get to use before something yanks me from it =/


Reach a weight I’m happy with and feel healthy at.
Run a 10 minute mile flat.
Run a 30 minute 5K.
Run a 9 minute mile flat.
Run a 5k in every U.S. State.
Run a race in a foreign country.
Learn Yoga
Learn Kick Boxing
Learn to Sail
Learn to Ski
Learn to Surf
Run a 5k
Run a 10k
Run a half-marathon
Run a marathon
Try a triathlon

Travel Related

Go on a Cruise
Go to Disney World
Visit Europe
Visit Africa
Visit Russia
See the Great Wall of China

Art Related
Photograph the ocean
Photograph birds
Photograph butterflies
Finish an art journal
Finish writing a novel
Publish a novel
Finish a 3D Model
Finish a 3D texture set
Write a Children’s Story with Illustrations


Start a side business
Volunteer at anything