I Despise Lemonade

For the last three days I’ve been dealing with some serious migraine issues. Pretty sure though, as of today at least, that it’s allergy related. The headache itself is now under control, but I still have this dull throbbing, now finally centralized over the left side of my face. I also learned the other week that my rogue tooth will be meeting the end of its life before it develops potential severe symptoms for me. A few years ago, I had a strange anomaly show up on my x-rays showing a dark center to my tooth. On the outside of the tooth, it’s looked just fine, no problems (I still haven’t even had symptoms). Dentist sprayed direct cold air on it to get me to react (I felt absolutely nothing). So, we’ve been keeping an eye on it. At my last cleaning, the hygienist noticed that it’s started to look pink on the outside. The x-ray this year (when compared to last year’s), show there’s quite a bit more degradation to the inside of the tooth. read more

Silver Spoons

I didn’t realize how busy I’ve been until I log in here and realize it’s been nearly two weeks since I wrote last. I’ve been busy with things, with life. While I love my new job, I’ve been doing a lot of reading. It’s kind of mind draining after a while; enough so that I don’t have much desire to be on a computer after work. I’d rather do something that requires little to no thought. It’s been extremely pretty outside too since summer is starting to roll in. The sun is up by about 5am and there’s still light after 10 at night. Trying to get readjusted has been a bit difficult (but when is it not?), so I haven’t been getting as much sleep as normal. read more

The Pain of Name Changes

I spent most of Friday morning running between different federal buildings, trying to get the proper paperwork to change my name. I knew what the lawyer’s office had given to me was not the right paperwork. They printed it from an email; it lacked a proper stamp, signature, and date or a notary seal. I questioned the legal assistant about it too when she handed it to me. The social security office accepted the divorce affidavit, but the DMV wouldn’t take it. I had to then run to the clerk’s office at the courthouse to get it fixed and then back to the DMV again. read more


I had a ton of emotions hit me this week and a ton of changes that seem to keep happening. The divorce from my ex was approved and I finally received the final paperwork. I left my old job last week and started my new job this week. We also had a firm house offer, so I’m waiting for that to finalize (in about another month). With everything catching up, I feel like I’m starting to fall under the weather. Sore throat this evening, meh. read more

Was I asleep?

These last two weeks have been brutal, chaotic, overwhelming, and downright stressful. Where do I begin?

1. I’m still married. My court date was last Tuesday. I’m represented by counsel. My lawyer failed to show up. She messed the time up, thought the hearing was at 0900 when it was actually at 0830. Because I am represented by counsel, we couldn’t proceed with the hearing. I got a really long apology from her. Probably a good thing that she called me in the afternoon because I was pretty livid during the morning. It’s now been rescheduled for about a month and a half out. The ex was surprisingly not mad, but that doesn’t mean he was the most friendly either. I hate to say it, but it hurt to see him sitting on the bench outside the courtroom. Especially since it looked like he was going to cry. Then I have to remind myself that he brought this upon himself. He had the affair, lied to my face, and manipulated me during the whole time while I cried in the kitchen of a lonely heart. I do not know what is going on his life. And I actually don’t care to know. read more