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Short Oregon Trip

In September, we took a short trip (exactly 3 days), to visit my father and his future wife. I haven’t seen him in about 8 years and was extremely nervous for the most part. I took the Fiance with me as a way to get him introduced to that part of the family. The trip went better than expected. Between visiting family, I took him around to some of my favorite childhood things and we…

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Day 2

My sister is coming for Christmas. It’s probably going to be 50 below outside and drier than all get out, but she’s still coming. For nearly 2 weeks. I’m pretty excited about that. She’s never visited me before so far north. Even when I was in college, we just never had a means to get her up here to see me. Now that we are much older (with a heck of a lot more resources),…

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