Day 19

So some disappointing news, the person who had planned to buy my townhome seems to have backed out. He may change his mind yet if he fails to prove he can’t get the financing and didn’t just get cold feet. Apparently, there was a bit of a snaffu with things and he got frustrated by the whole process. Part of the agreement was a $1000 in earnest money because he needed some skin in the game. He may have to forfeit that and that’s a lot of money to give up. read more

Day 9

I missed yesterday’s post, for shame. It was a long day and I’ve been feeling pretty drained. I didn’t even bother to be on the computer last night. I could back post something, but I’m trying to be completely and utterly honest (hahaha). Next week is going to be a bit of a long week. I’m not even quite sure what to expect from it. Today kind of got away from me too, but only because I had to go in and do a few more things for work to make next week not so painful. read more

Day 1

For the month of December, I’m aiming to write something small every day. And there is quite a bit to write about with everything going on. Today, I’m super pleased to write that I finally got an offer on my home that’s down south that I’ve been trying to sell for the last two years. The offer came earlier this week, I countered, and then they accepted. We’ll close shortly after the new year, so the start to 2017 is going to be on a really good note. I’m looking forward to not being bound by financial obligations and finally making headway to freeing myself from debt I had to take on from financially irresponsible people. read more