I’ve spent the last few days, racing through the campaign for Destiny 2. This has also been punctuated by adult requirements to living (like laundry, showers, food, etc). I haven’t really decided if I’m impressed with this latest development for the game franchise, or if I wanted more. Bungie definitely gets some credit for the new beautiful worlds that they created, and I do like how the skills have been revamped. But the story line and the general activities that were in Destiny 1 are very much the same in Destiny 2. We get to the end of the game and we still have questions, there’s still the feeling of plot holes or the lack of explanation about the hanging threads they had from the first game. And there’s still a grind to go through and unlock everything, trying to get to that max light level.

Maybe, with future DLC content, they’ll get some of those loose ends woven together. Or maybe I’m just too critical. I do know this, I do like shooting things, so I’ll stick to that.

Beyond this activity this weekend, I haven’t done anything else. Both dogs are passed out on the bed by me, I’m waiting for the significant other to come home from playing soldier, and I’m in general just here. Such is life.

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