I’m a few days late. But I have a good excuse! I got that rogue tooth yanked out and I’ve been recovering. My mouth has been achy, but, thankfully, not so achy today. So reviewing august’s goals, I failed at the 2 posts a week, so that’s back on for this month. Even though I didn’t share completion of the goals I had listed, I still feel I did fairly better than I have in the past.

Here’s September’s goals:

Blog twice a week.
– Set some days: Tuesday and Saturday.
– Map some prompts to help fulfill those blog days.

I was successful last month with the working out three times a week. I’ve done this pretty well and with the honey’s support we’ve been pushing each other out to go and do things. I think this month, I’m going to continue my three times a week, but maybe make a plan of what I’m going to do that’s fitness related.

Work out three times a week.
– Map out workouts to alternate between on those three days.
– Try for four, but don’t stress about it.

I didn’t really spend any time on making any art this month. I have a few projects on the hooks, but I’ve not completed anything. I’ve also been generating ideas for future gifts, which is great, but not really useful if I haven’t committed to making anything.

Make two pieces of art. I’m going to define art as anything (either journaling, writing, crocheting, painting traditional or digital, etc).

Leave at least two comments a week on other blogs.

So, that’s my thoughts for September. I’m going to go back to my drugged state now and binge watch something on Netflix.

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