Day 19

So some disappointing news, the person who had planned to buy my townhome seems to have backed out. He may change his mind yet if he fails to prove he can’t get the financing and didn’t just get cold feet. Apparently, there was a bit of a snaffu with things and he got frustrated by the whole process. Part of the agreement was a $1000 in earnest money because he needed some skin in the game. He may have to forfeit that and that’s a lot of money to give up. read more

August Goals

My, how I have been quiet. I stay pretty busy or I’m so tired, I just don’t have the energy to do most of my usual things. So, I thought I would take the approach, new month, new start, freshness awaits me. There’s a few things I want to work on this month and, again, I’ll keep my list to 5 items. read more

In Love

One of my biggest complaints about my last job is that I was extremely bored. It drives me nuts to be bored. Its not that I didn’t have anything to do, but it was just slow. And I had a hard time waiting on things to get finished. I like something that’s constant with a few breaks for breathing. I also didn’t have final say on things and I wasn’t working with a team. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to meet a timeline and have something held up for review that shouldn’t of taken long to review. read more

All About Goals

This is the obligatory goal post, typically posted on the first, of which, I failed to complete. Mostly because I wanted to make sure I knew what I wanted to accomplish this year and if it was actually attainable. It’s kind of depressing if you realize you failed to reach a goal by the end of the year because it was too far out there to start with… So, I’ve tried to keep this simple and straight forward. I may even bring back my monthly goals post which breaks things down further to help me make my yearly goals. read more