Never a Chance to Rest

Things haven’t really slowed down for me since we got back from our little trip at the end of last month. So, I know I talked about not getting the supervisory position, but what I didn’t mention was that I’ve been job shifted (with choice, I wanted this). I get to learn about Air because I’m the new Air Quality Manager. But, in agreeing to do this, I’m dual hatting it until my position can be backfilled. So I’m still doing work on Superfund sites. read more

Crammed Pack and Busy

The end of May snuck up on me before I realized it. I spent it down in my fiance’s neck of the woods, meeting family, friends, and doing all of the sight seeing. So, I got in Thursday evening and then Friday we hit Universal Studios in Orlando. It was amazing. We explored two of their park areas (not the waterpark, but that’s on the next set of choices in future trips). We did King Kong, Jurassic Park, and spent a ton of time in the Wizarding World and Diagon Alley. Diagon Alley was probably my favorite. read more

A Normal Week’s Stress Compressed

Last week… felt like a whole month.

Monday, the government shut down for the second half of the day (as compared to my normal work schedule). However, things did not go as expected. We were provided with one set of instructions on Friday. Pretty much, plan to be furloughed. So when everyone came in Monday morning, facilitators were asking for the new flight schedules and check out dates of students. In the span of about four hours, we got three more ever changing sets of instructions. Enough so, that apparently people got up and walked out of other seminars (11 total) from the frustration of it all. What it boiled down too is that the schoolhouse failed to tell us their intent (to get us to pass that week and mark us as accepted employees for the furlough period) so everyone had already mentally prepared themselves to be headed home on Monday because our congress kept bickering over things. So, when I came to class on Tuesday (after congress reached an agreement), I was not surprised when we were told that while they could get us done by Wednesday, they’d be keeping us until Friday as originally planned. read more

Future Unknown

The immediate future at least. I’ve survived a second week of class and I am exhausted. I am trying to debate if I want to stay up to see if my home government can get their crap together. That’s why I was referring to a future unknown. If we fail to pass the budget, I get furloughed. For how long? Who the heck knows. That will cut my class short as a result and I’ll end up home before Saturday with some kind of follow up work for the last week of class to be able to get my certificate. read more

Dear Jet Lag

You will not get the best of me. But, man, 3 hours difference from my usual time zone is really throwing me off. I feel for those that came from overseas (Europe in this case) because I would be even worse for wear.

I traveled this weekend and am now at a class for the next three weeks. It’s been interesting for the first two days. The course is a leader intensive course and basically how to be a better employee from a position of leadership. The main theme is it doesn’t matter where your at on the totem pole or where your at in the grand scheme of the company organization chart, everyone has the opportunity to be a leader. read more

Simple Small Things

I usually post a what I accomplished in 2017 with a what I hope to accomplish in 2018. I’m choosing not to do that this year in favor of just highlighting some small projects that I’m working on for myself. Like, I’m going to make a tremendous effort to write in a journal every day (or near every day). The sweetheart had gotten me this nice Zelda stationary set from last year that I’ve never used. I finally opened it the other day and realized that the journal was unlined and actually kind of nice. So I’ve dabbled off and on with bullet journaling and thought this would be a good opportunity to take advantage of this method for this journal (that’s not to say I won’t just write a traditional entry). I think ultimately it’ll depend on my mood. read more