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Tag: pride

Rubber Duckies!

This has been a fairly productive weekend. We’ve been working on cleaning the rooms out from our house rearranging project (two trips to charity so far). We’re nearly done with downsizing things to more realistic methods. We also spent a lot of time outside on Saturday because this last week has been the Golden Days celebration, where it’s to celebrate Fairbanks growing another year older. We have never been able to make it down to…


Day 20

I was going through and cleaning up some files. I’ve used My Writing Spot for a while now as a place to jot notes down and start small writing bits. I was going through the files I had there and got caught off guard. At the beginning of this year, I had intended to write a weekly prompt. The first week was a letter to my past self. Dear Past Me, You can’t be hard…

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Day 4

For some reason, I was thinking today was December 5. There’s been so many different things going on that sometimes it feels like my days merge periodically. During the work week, when things are busy, that’s when this feeling is the worse. It hasn’t been so bad in the last week or two (thankfully), but we have a major meeting coming up in about two weeks and I know things are going to get stressful.…

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No More Training

I actually don’t understand it. Dear government, want to know what to save money on? Stop sending people to such repetitive training and let us actually do our jobs. It’s only Tuesday and it’s already a long week. I’m in yet another training. If I sat down and did the calculations, I would hazard to guess that I spend 30-40 percent of my time in training, in the barely just started third month that I’ve…