Hopes and Dreams

This last week was a long week. I had back to back meetings and then our major programmatic meeting at the end of the week. Thankfully, Friday wrapped up early (by noon) and I was able to take care of a few in office things and kind of unwind for a bit. I’ve also taken a much needed four day weekend (because why would anyone go in after two days off, work one day, get the next day off, then work the rest of the week)… 4th of July lands on a Tuesday, and I honestly would rather have consecutive days off. So I took monday for myself. Now I’m just kind of doing random things and playing with creative things. read more

Day 26

It’s been a busy couple of days. I’m 34 years old. My sister came into town (and is still here). I’m tired and want to sleep. Oh boy. We have some things to do tomorrow and then we’re doing a short trip out of town. Then relaxing the rest of the weekend until Sis flies out on Sunday. I’ve kind of checked out of other things for the moment and I have a friend that’s Pokemon GO obsessed. Actually envious of all the holiday pichachu she’s managed to pick up. read more

Day 20

I was going through and cleaning up some files. I’ve used My Writing Spot for a while now as a place to jot notes down and start small writing bits. I was going through the files I had there and got caught off guard. At the beginning of this year, I had intended to write a weekly prompt. The first week was a letter to my past self. read more

Day 6

I’ve been thinking heavily about things I want to accomplish in the future. There’s artsy things I want to do more of and there’s future crafting business things I want to attempt, there’s a ton of books I want to read (several self help), there’s financial security in things too. It helps that I’m finally becoming more unburdened by previous financial obligations and am close to being free of divorce debt. read more

Day 3

Something that hits me on multiple occasions and is sometimes unexpectedly going after only being a little over a year, is that I’m still in love. What makes this love even better is that he loves me FOR ME, not for someone he envisions me becoming. If there is anything that has become super important and a relief off my shoulders, it’s that little bit with the Beau. Being with someone who is judgement free, who doesn’t criticize me for being silly, put me down by reminding me of some kind of short coming (I’m too short, not skinny enough, not strong enough, don’t follow commands, etc), is a relief. read more

Day 2

My sister is coming for Christmas. It’s probably going to be 50 below outside and drier than all get out, but she’s still coming. For nearly 2 weeks. I’m pretty excited about that. She’s never visited me before so far north. Even when I was in college, we just never had a means to get her up here to see me. Now that we are much older (with a heck of a lot more resources), visiting each other is just a heck of a lot easier. read more